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Our world is plagued by small thinking. Reaction, rather than pro-action. In business – or in leadership for that matter – this can be bad for the bottom line.
It has been our goal at iiBIG to present B2B conferences at which senior executives in a given industry, can step back from the day-to-day exigencies of their businesses, in order to take a trip to the proverbial mountaintop.

By networking with other executives involved in a similar line of work, and participating in interactive panel discussions and roundtables about common business issues and challenges, it becomes easier to focus on the big picture, and to gather valuable Business Information with which to Grow your business in today’s competitive global environment.

This year marks iiBIG’s 13th year in business. Over the last decade, we have produced conferences for over 10,000 executives in the investment/financial services, technology/cloud computing, and healthcare/clinical research sectors. As we launch our second decade, we hope you will join our family of clients and let us provide you with a trip to the ‘mountaintop,’ where you can focus on the BIG picture, and depart with specific take-aways with which to grow your business.