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November 8, 2017

The Westin Galleria Houston Houston, TX

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Applications are now being reviewed from executives who wish to become members of our Executive Speaking Faculty. To apply to become a member of the speaking faculty, and to indicate agenda topics of interest, please complete our online JOIN OUR FACULTY application or contact:

Don Buford, Founder & CEO, iiBIG
Phone: 212-300-2521 | Email: donb@iibig.com
Day 1
Nov 08 2017

State of the Energy Industry Roundtable – The Domestic and Global Outlook

Conference will open with a panel of Energy Sector Experts on the current state of the Energy Industry, including prognostications on the short-term and long-term outlook for the industry. Almost one-year into the Trump Administration, how extensive has de-regulation been, and what impact is it having? What legislative initiatives or regulatory changes remain on the industry’s wish-list? What effect will different geo-political developments have on the energy sector? What should investors be focusing on when contemplating making investments in the energy sector? What are the bright-spots for the industry, and how can producers, suppliers and service providers prosper in the current environment?

(A02) Energy Investors Roundtable: Private Equity

Senior executives representing leading Private Equity Funds, discuss their outlook for energy deal-making in 2018.

(A03) M&A in the Energy Sector

What is the outlook for consolidations and roll-ups in the Energy sector and related industries? Which sectors (upstream, midstream or downstream) will lead deal-flow? With traditional lenders on the sidelines, what role will Private Equity, Hedge Funds and other non-bank alternative sources of capital play? How can the value of portfolio companies be improved prior to a transaction?

(A04) Transaction Services Roundtable

Energy-related transactions (M&A, loan restructuring, etc.) present unique issues of due diligence, valuation, taxation and regulatory compliance, and more. This panel of energy transaction services experts will discuss the key issues that must be addressed before, during and after the deal.

(A05) Distressed Energy Debt Roundtable

Upstream, mid-stream and downstream companies in the energy sector have become extensively leveraged and, with oil prices stagnating in the mid-to-low $40s, addressing this issue calls for creative solutions. How can investment bankers, private capital providers, asset-backed lenders and others deploy their expertise and capital to address distressed energy debt situations in the months ahead?

(A06) Energy Investors Roundtable: Hedge Funds

Senior executives from Hedge Funds, discuss their outlook for energy investment opportunities in 2018.

(A07) Bankruptcy & Restructuring Roundtable

To re-settle in- or out-of-Court – and other questions? What are the impacts of recent court rulings and regulatory changes? How are turnaround managers handling struggling energy companies?

(A08) Middle-Market Energy Entrepreneur Roundtable

Middle-market energy entrepreneurs discuss their POV on the short- and long-term outlook for investment opportunities in their unique sectors of the energy industry.