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February 15, 2018 

Embassy Row Hotel Washington, DC

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Energy and its related enterprises represent one of the largest and most important sectors in our national and state economies.

OPEC’s 13-country members, joined by another 11 coalition partners, including Russia – representing about 40% of daily worldwide production – appear to be continuing their efforts to curtail production to support prices. On the other hand, other major oil-producing countries led by the United States, Brazil and Canada are expected to increase production by an estimated 300,000 barrels-a-day in the year ahead – especially from shale. The International Energy Agency estimates that global supplies increased by 585,000 barrels a day in May, 2017; and the U. S. Energy Department is projecting a total of over 10 million total barrels-a-day in 2018.

Therefore, the industry consensus is that crude prices are expected to remain stagnant in the $45-to-$50 per barrel range for the foreseeable future. While major technology advancements have brought down the cost of production, lower profit margins continue to put pressure on the whole range of companies that support the energy production process.

Our 2nd Annual Distressed & Turnaround Opportunities in ENERGY Summit – November 8, 2017 in Houston, Texas – will be attended by energy entrepreneurs, investors and deal-makers who will gather to assess the state of the energy sector, and explore and discuss opportunities to participate in the turnaround of this critical industry.

We are currently accepting applications from energy and investment experts who wish to participate on the executive speaking faculty. To apply, please complete the online JOIN OUR FACULTY application.


  • Crude prices remain at a 13-year low.
  • Over 150 oil and gas-related companies initiated bankruptcy proceedings in 2016/17 and hundreds of others continue to be saddled with high levels of debt.
  • On average, Energy companies are carrying twice as much debt as companies in the S&P 500.
  • Public Energy Companies are cutting dividends and curtailing stock buy-back programs.
  • Lay-offs in the U.S. energy sector continue to rise.
  • Oil Field product and services companies hold large inventories, while revenues have been vastly reduced.
  • Low interest rates, combined with high levels of ‘dry-powder’ capital in the hands of private equity and other financial investors mean deal-flow and distressed debt restructuring will increase dramatically in 2018.  



The 2017 Distressed Energy Summit will consist of panel discussions in a round-table format consisting of one (1) session Leader/Moderator, and three (3) to four (4) expert panelists. Each session will be 45-minutes to one-hour in duration, with ample networking breaks, seated luncheon and evening reception to insure the highest level of informal networking and interaction.

We are currently accepting applications from energy and investment experts who wish to participate on the executive speaking faculty. To apply, please complete the online JOIN OUR FACULTY application.

Roundtable/Panel sessions will focus on the following…

  • State of the Energy Industry Roundtable – The Domestic and Global Outlook: Conference will open with a panel of Energy Sector Experts on the current state of the Energy Industry, including prognostications on the short-term and long-term outlook for the industry.
    • Almost one-year into the Trump Administration, how extensive has de-regulation been, and what impact is it having?
    • What legislative initiatives or regulatory changes remain on the industry’s wish-list?
    • How will political instability in the Middle-East, Venezuela and other oil-producing regions affect oil prices?
    • What are the bright-spots for the industry, and how can producers, suppliers and service providers prosper in the current environment?
  • Financial Buyers Roundtable: Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds and other financial buyers have accumulated unprecedented amounts of ‘dry powder.’ Which areas in the energy sector do financial buyers see as the best place to deploy their capital, and what is the outlook for energy deal-making in 2018?
  • M&A in the Energy Sector: What is the outlook for consolidations and roll-ups in the Energy sector and related industries? How active will the cash-rich ‘Bigs’ be in scooping up companies and assets? What role will Private Equity, Hedge Funds and smaller Strategic buyers play?
  • Transaction Services Roundtable: Energy-related transactions (M&A, loan restructuring, etc.) present unique issues of due diligence, valuation, taxation and regulatory compliance, and more. This panel of energy transaction services experts will discuss the key issues that must be addressed before, during and after the deal.
  • Distressed Energy Debt Roundtable:  Upstream, mid-stream and downstream companies in the energy sector have become extensively leveraged and, with oil prices stagnating in the mid-to-low $40s, addressing this issue calls for creative solutions. How can investment bankers, private capital providers, asset-backed lenders and others deploy their expertise and capital to address distressed energy debt situations in the months ahead?
  • Bankruptcy Roundtable: To re-settle in- or out-of-Court – and other questions? What are the impacts of recent court rulings and regulatory changes?
  • Restructuring Advisors Roundtable: Leading restructuring advisors discuss strategies that are restoring struggling energy enterprises to profitability, and keeping them in the game.
  • Middle-Market Energy Entrepreneur Roundtable: Middle-market energy entrepreneurs in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors will discuss the short- and long-term outlook from their unique POV. How are middle-market companies coping with effects of $40-50 oil prices for the foreseeable future?
  • Legal & Regulatory Roundtable: The Trump Administration will undoubtedly continue to search for ways to reduce environmental and other regulatory structures affecting the energy sector. However, having already invested extensively in technology and other tactics to reduce the carbon footprint, will environmental deregulation be enough to improve industry profitability? What other regulatory changes are likely to be made? On the legislative front, can Congress be expected to focus on legislation that benefits the sector, or is dysfunction and paralysis a good thing for the industry? What new opportunities will become available courtesy of regulatory changes and new legislative initiatives?


From the Public and Private Energy Companies:

  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • Acquisition Executives
  • Heads of Investor Relations

  • Corporate & Business Development Executives
  • Strategic Planning Executives
  • General Counsel

From the Financial & Investment Community:

  • Commercial & Investment Banking Professionals
  • Hedge Fund and Private Equity Investors
  • Executives involved in energy-related deal transactions of $50 million and greater

  • Institutional Investors
  • Executives from private equity, LBO and venture funds
  • M&A Specialists
  • Senior, mezzanine and other lenders

From the Advisory Service Provider Community:

  • Attorneys
  • Consultants
  • Deal intermediaries
  • Turnaround & Restructuring Professionals

  • Due Diligence & Market Intelligence firms
  • Valuation & Appraisal firms
  • Tax & Accounting Professionals


To apply to become a member of the executive speaking faculty, please complete our online Join Our Faculty questionnaire. Review the preliminary topic outline, suggest other topics, and tell us about yourself and your expertise.

For more information about opportunities to join our faculty, contact:

Don Buford, Founder & CEO, iiBIG 
Phone: 212-300-2521
Email: DonB@iibig.com




Raise your firm’s profile, branding and business development opportunities by joining us as a conference co-sponsor. A role on our executive speaking faculty may be provided for those firms that sponsor early. For more information, contact:

Don Buford, Founder & CEO, iiBIG 
Phone: 212-300-2521
Email: DonB@iibig.com

Hank Woji, VP,
Business Development, iiBIG 

Phone: 512-692-9839
Email: HankW@iiBIG.com 



If you are seeking more visibility for your publication, newsletter, website or blog among business and financial leaders in the energy and related communities, co-branding media and marketing partnerships are available.

For more information, contact:

Marisa Colandrea, Director, Meeting Planning & Logistics, iiBIG
Phone: 212-300-2522
Email: MarisaC@iiBIG.com 

Standard Registration
Rate Per Person

This rate applies to executives from financial and/or deal-making services firms (e.g. law firms, private equity, VC, investment banks, tax and accounting advisors, transaction advisory consultants and similar firms).

Early Bird Rates:
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Register on or after October 1, 2017: $1695 pp



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Energy Entrepreneur
Rate Per Person

This rate applies to executives from energy companies that are DIRECTLY* involved in energy exploration, production and services (e.g. Oil & Gas exploration firms, providers of oil field supplies and services & etc.) (Rate is subject to verification & approval). 

Early Bird Rates:
Register on or before September 30, 2017: $695 pp

Register on or after October 1, 2017: $795 pp

*(Private Equity organizations with portfolios that include energy firms, must register at the STANDARD rate).  

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Distressed Energy Team Discounts For Groups of 3+

Rates for GROUPS OF THREE (3) or More
Significant discounts are available for groups of three (3) or more.

For more information, contact:


Hank Woji,
VP Business Development, iiBIG
Phone: 512-692-9839
Email: HankW@iiBIG.com


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Continuing Education Credits (e.g. CLE, CPE, CME, etc.) may be available for iiBIG conferences. Upon request conference attendees will be provided with a “Certificate of Attendance” and a copy of the conference agenda, showing topics, length of sessions, and name(s) and professional affiliation(s) of presenter(s) for each session. Attendees wishing to apply for continuing education credits for attending this conference may submit this documentation to the relevant organization in his/her state when applying for such credits.
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